Gemini Performance Supplements

Introducing BIO 5-in-One

I designed BIO 5-in-One to help men and women achieve their best physical condition, especially in sports and activities where strength and endurance are critical to performance.

My formula is unique and powerful but it didn't come about overnight. I've spent a lifetime in sports at the elite and professional level. Through it all I have relied heavily on supplements to augment my training and recovery. So essentially I've been fortunate enough to have experienced a lifetime of high level testing to identify which supplements work, which are the most complimentary and what the correct doses should be.

BIO 5-in-One is the end result of this incredible journey. It contains five complimentary supplements, in the correct amounts, that are absolutely effective at improving performance. These effects include,

*Boosting Vo2 and improving high-intensity exercise.

*Promoting muscle cells to produce more energy.

*Buffering lactic acid for efforts lasting 1-8 min.

*Helping build muscle, alleviating soreness and  slowing muscle loss.

*Supplies 35% more nitrogen to muscle, shortening recovery time.

*Helping reduce post training Inflammation and boosts performance. 

BIO 5-in-One is also INCREDIBLY CONVENIENT!  The process of sourcing, buying and managing five different powders is a hassle, not to mention mixing them and cleaning the mess every morning!  BIO 5-in-One avoids all this and takes up very little cabinet space. On the go? Traveling somewhere?  Nothing beats BIO 5-in-One's portability. One Tub, easy to pack, easy too carry!

BIO 5-in-One!  All the good stuff wrapped up in one!  EFFECTIVE, FAST and CONVENIENT!

FDA approved manufacturer.  Contains ZERO stimulants, gluten, soy or meat products

Prices subject to change due to raw material shortages & supply chain delays

1 Tub (30 day supply) $69.95 *Plus shipping

Shipping rates outside Massachusetts may vary.

Also available at these locations.

Ata Cycle, 93 Thoreau St. Concord, MA   

Crosby's Market, 211 Sudbury Rd, Concord, MA

Red Lantern Cycles, Menlo Park, CA